Wendy-Rd-Tami-and-TJTami and TJ are indescribably thrilled to be embarking on a journey that has been years in the making and a dream come true.  Thank you for joining us on our journey as we hike 52 Peaks in 52 weeks! We will summit mountains all over the world, covering six of the seven continents, spanning dozens of countries and US states. We begin with the incredible Wayna Picchu in beautiful Peru on June 11, 2016.

On our website, you will be able to follow every step of the journey.

  • Now Hiking – See which mountain we are currently hiking. We explain why we chose that mountain and give you insights and facts about the mountain and the region.
  • Peak Log – The complete list of all peaks already hiked. You can revisit any peak and still get all the facts and information with the added bonus of a link to see the blog and photo gallery about the completed peak.
  • About – Introduction to Tami and TJ and why they are hiking 52 Peaks.
  • Blogs – Follow our stories as we chronicle each peak and give insights into all kinds of other fun hiking topics.
  • Photos – Check out our exciting photo galleries as we share the beauty from all the fun places we are going.
  • Book Club – Read the book club blog intro to learn about how we are interacting with you to pair books with each mountain in a virtual book club.
  • Contact – Send us an email with any question or as a source of encouragement!

In addition, 52 Peaks is linking with TJ Hiker to open up several of our peaks for group hikes. Yes, we want you to join us! Have you ever wanted to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro or see Machu Picchu? Those are just two of the exciting adventures that are open for you to do. Even if you have never thought it possible, we are telling you that it can be done! Visit TJHiker.com to learn more.

You can also participate in 52 Peaks in other ways. In the website section, ‘Get Involved‘, we will describe many great opportunities for you to be a part of the adventure. ‘Inspire‘ is where we will share stories of other people who are doing their own personal challenges in the next year, or whose previous life-changing stories have inspired us. If you are so inclined, we will also have opportunities for you to provide sponsorship and mentor opportunities. And we will share all of the great press about 52 Peaks!

One of our primary goals in climbing 52 Peaks is to raise awareness about the dangers of heart disease. Sadly, TJ lost both her mother and her sister to heart disease at much too early an age. And just this year, Tami lost her father to a sudden heart attack. Getting the word out about this disease that takes so many is a truly personal cause for us both. We very much hope to inspire others to start or continue their own wellness and fitness journey, because good health is the first step towards prevention. Helping to encourage other people to start down the road to better health would be one of the best results we could hope for in our journey to summit 52 Peaks.

Make sure you sign up for the newsletter when you visit the website. The newsletter will let you know when we have completed a peak and what the next peak will be. It will also let you know the next book and will give you opportunities to participate in 52 Peaks in new and exciting ways.

Many people have asked us why would you want to hike 52 Peaks? In fact, we get asked “Why would you want to do that?” about a lot of hiking related things. Sometimes when we have been out on a trail for several days and are dirty and cold or have sore feet but several miles left to go, we are the ones asking ourselves that very question. I have a sign in my house that my parents gave me that I think explains the logic. “If you don’t climb the mountain, you can’t see the view.” We hike to reach the top, we hike to finish the hike, and we hike to see a place in a way that you couldn’t have seen it otherwise. At some point in every trip, the realization of what we were able to accomplish supersedes whether we reached our original goal or not. The beauty and the silence in nature embodies a sense of freedom where spirit is reborn.

52 Peaks is a dream many years in the making. We fell in love with hiking at different times in different ways, but we both found a relationship with the mountains that will last a lifetime. This journey is our way to live each day large and shout “Yes” to life in our loudest voices. We are honored to carry your spirit and encouragement with us through the many miles ahead. Keep coming back to our website to see where the road has led and watch for us in the mountain sunsets!

Happy Hiking!

-Tami and TJ