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TJ is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys sharing outdoor adventure with others. She founded TJ Hiker Adventure Trips and facilitates hiking and trekking trips around the world for beginners through advanced hikers.

All or Nothing…and Everything In Between.

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All or Nothing…and Everything In Between. Lessons from Oregon I recently spent a week in Bend Oregon with my best friend and our dog Jackson. This was a last minute change to my itinerary for 52 Peaks. With the non-stop itinerary I had been following, I was beginning to feel exhausted, not only from the [...]

Peavine Trailblazers- Lessons from the Fourth Grade

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The Peavine Trailblazers- Lesson’s from 4th Grade Peavine Elementary School Reno, NV   Last week, I accepted an invitation to visit a 4th grade class at Peavine Elementary School in Nevada. The teacher, Marcos, had learned about my 52 Peaks adventure over the summer. The school where he teaches, Peavine, is named after Peavine Peak [...]

Sheri Nork

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A True Hiking Warrior Many years ago, on a calm Summer’s morning, I was enjoying a peaceful ride on my motorcycle…ahh.  Suddenly, a careless utility truck driver ran his red light.  By that afternoon, I had died…twice.  Surgeons told my hubby I would not survive.  After awakening from my coma, I could not move my [...]