An Inspiration on Mt. Olympus

TJ and I met Nancy at one of the refuges on Mt. Olympus. She was celebrating her 68th birthday by coming to hike on Mt. Olympus by herself because in her words “no one else was crazy enough to come.” We were so inspired by her courage and determination and asked her to share her story. She has also done the Camino which is a major bucket list item for Tami!

“I am a typical Chilean “patiperra” living in England, who likes to travel. I am quite gregarious even though I prefer on my solo holidays that I can relax at my own pace. Also, being solo I get the chance of meeting new people along the way!  Five years ago, I did the Camino Porto-Santiago de Compostela, the shortest route of 240km, but long enough for me, the sense of freedom, peace and also achievement was priceless. I always wanted to do something like that again. One thing I learnt from that experience, although it sound so  cliché, is that the journey is the best! Just feeling free without the constraints of daily life. Just give me a book and a forest and I am happy. So when an invite arrived to a wedding in Greece, Mt. Olympus seemed a dream, and why not?  The joke was that I might have to crawl to get to the Refuge A. After all a sedentary job, and a 6km round trip cycling to work every day on a flat city like Portsmouth is hardly exercise. But doing the hike with a light backpack and the most gorgeous blue sky above was uplifting, and truly made my 68th birthday memorable and I am looking forward to the next!”