TJ-snowcampThis past weekend, Tami and I spent Saturday and Sunday with the Sierra Mountaineering Club members doing some training and practice in the Castle Peak area near Donner California. We loaded our packs to around 45lbs and put the snow shoes on to work our way up to our high camp at around 8,000′. We practiced our navigation skills with the map and compass and found it to be a lot different in a winter environment.  At one point over the weekend, we even had white out conditions and learned just how important it was to trust our compass for navigating.

Once we selected our high camp site, we set up camp. Everyone took to a task and eventually we had 4 tent sites, a kitchen and a snow cave built. Tami and I decided to take on the task of building and sleeping in a snow cave.

TJ-Tami-snowcampUnfortunately, on Sunday  morning, the weather wasn’t very cooperative and we were unable to make a bid for the summit of Castle Peak. We packed everything up and worked our way to another area near Andesite Ridge to look for potential training sites but it started to rain so back to the cars we went.

Despite not making the summit, we had a great trip and gained a lot of experience that will be beneficial in our upcoming trips for 52 Peaks. Thank you to our Sponsor, Sierra Mountaineering Club. You can get information on how to join the club by going to their website:

See the Photo Gallery of How to Build a Snow Cave