“I know for sure: Your journey begins with a choice to get up, step out, and live fully.” Oprah Winfrey


oprah-3I’m just going to come out and admit it. I love Oprah. If you asked me who’s life I would want to have beside my own I would say Oprah. To me she embodies a person who aspires to live their highest life and in the process changes the life of thousands for the better. Against all odds and many obstacles, she has transcended to a higher level.


Oprah had her day-time show for 25 years. I was busy in school and work and didn’t really see the show much. But I respected a lot of the initiatives she was doing to make the world a better place. The last year of her show, I watched each day on my DVR because I knew it was Oprah’s last year and she was going to go big. I love that Oprah lives big. She is my hero in that way. I also watched her behind the show series that showed the crew and Oprah in a different way. It made me appreciate her even more for the how she runs a business.


Oprah loves books. I mean deep down at her core loves book. She understands that a good book becomes your friend and there is a connection through time and space with the author and other readers. She understands the power in a good story. And Oprah knows what makes a book great. I have read so many of her book club selections over the years and I really can’t think of one that I didn’t like or at least admire.


oprah-2My favorite all-time movie is The Color Purple. Oprah was IN The Color Purple. Enough said. We are practically twins.


In Oprah’s last season she had Stevie Nicks on singing Landslide which has become my anthem for this time in my life.


Oprah has even started hiking.


Here is my biggest connection to Oprah: when I was watching the final season of her show, Oprah and Gayle took a camping trip to Yosemite and she stopped on the overlook to point out Half-Dome. It was the first time I had heard of Half-Dome and it put the idea into my awareness. It was my first sign from the universe that I was going to climb that mountain. Standing at the top of Half-Dome is what eventually led me to 52 Peaks. Oprah, without even knowing it, helped me take my first step along this path. Thank you Oprah.


I say all this a little lightly because obviously I don’t know Oprah and there have been many real-life people I do know that have inspired me to start this journey and live my biggest life. But meeting Oprah is on my bucket list. I don’t think it can ever hurt to be in the presence of someone who inspires you.


I would like to think Oprah would find this 52 Peaks journey inspirational and give it a high five. I’m a middle-aged woman out here doing this crazy thing to motivate others to wake up and start living to their full potential and bliss. And I’m even selecting a book to go with each mountain! I feel almost Oprah-esqe.


I often joke that I should subtitle my book My Quest to Meet Oprah. As much as I would like to meet her, it’s been enough that she inspired me in so many ways and continues to motivate me to be my best self whether it’s with shows on her network or her meditation series with Deepak Chopra.


But hey, if you happen to know Oprah, I wouldn’t object if you mentioned 52 Peaks to her!


As Oprah would say, find your “A-HA Moments.”


Namaste my friends.