Last week, Tami and TJ headed back to the Movara Fitness Resort in southern Utah for another week of training. Check out the fun pictures and video!

Movara offers an intense wellness program that focuses on all aspects of getting healthy. The program is designed to give people the tools they need to go back home and make substantial and life-long changes to their health. This program is what Tami has used to go from the couch to hiking Kilimanjaro. And before TJ Hiker, TJ was a hiking manager in the same program. It’s how Tami and TJ met!

The fitness part begins at 6:30am with a stretch class and is then followed by a 2 to 2.5 hour hike in the beautiful, unique Utah red rocks. TJ captured a fun moment of bush whacking during the hike on Thursday.

After the hike, there is the first of four classes that are either cardio, strength, pool or stretch. Some of the classes you can choose what to do. For example, a favorite for us is the kickboxing class with the awesome tough Sharon Read teaching.

The pool and dance classes, not so much for us, but those are classes other people love. Tami is still working to overcome her fear of swimming and lets just say we’d rather be chased by a bear than dance zumba! This week was really fun because we got to play kickball one day which for Tami was a flashback to her much younger days playing competitive kickball (state champion twice!). See the fun video where TJ made up her own rules which is not how the game is played!

Nutrition is another important aspect of the program. Each day, the menu adds up to approximately 1250 calories per day. This number does not sound very high, but amazingly, we are almost never hungry. The food is delicious and very filling. There are also cooking classes and recipes to help you when you go home. Believe it or not there is a low calorie, healthy way to still enjoy pizza, tacos and cookies!

The last area of focus is balance and emotional management. Movara offers an outstanding group of classes that help you learn real facts about nutrition. The life coach, Jennifer Morton, teaches a number of classes that help you understand how to manage stress, emotions, life changes and all the other things that go into why we make poor choices around food and fitness. You can also set-up personal time to work with the life coach or nutritionist to create a plan that will work with you when you go home. This last tool was one of the crucial reasons why Tami has been able to lose 54 lbs!

There is also the spa which reminds us how important relaxation is to good health. Massages are not a luxury, they are a necessity to keep the body healthy, especially if you are training for a major physical test like we are with 52 Peaks.

It’s amazing how fun a week full of exercise can be! It seems Friday always comes so fast and it’s tough to believe how amazing it feels to know you were able to put in 40+ hours of exercise in a week and feel great. It’s a fun, focused way to train on both the hiking and the strength/cardio work we need at the same time.

Saturday is a special treat where one of the options is to go to Zion. Tami has now been 8 times! This trip, Tami hiked Hidden Canyon with Wendy Walker (an amazing hiker!). See the fun clips of Tami walking along the trail edge and climbing the new tree obstacle created by the recent rains.

The week of November 6th is when Tami and TJ will be at Movara for 52 Peaks week. Please come join us! We are doing two hikes in Zion. One hike will be Sunday, November 6th: Observation Point. This is a beautiful 8 mile hike round trip and has a magnificant view of Zion from the peak. This picture of Tami was taken on Observation Point. On Saturday, November 12th, we will be doing Angels Landing. This is a shorter hike (a little under 6 miles) and has a fun climb with chains for the last half mile. Angels Landing is on many lists of top hikes in the world to do!

Please join us for a week of fitness at Movara Nov 6-13, 2016. You can email us here or contact Tami directly. Also mention 52 Peaks when you call Movara. See to get information on the other trips that you can sign up for today!